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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions? Feel free to contact Samuel Nelson to find out more information!

What locations can you service?

We operate with a nationwide network of licensed and insured massage therapists. We service nearly every area in the continental US. We also focus on the following major metropolis locations.

New York

Los Angeles





San Antonio

San Diego


San Jose




San Francisco





Fort Worth







Washington, DC


Las Vegas



Long Beach


New Orleans


Kansas City


Virginia Beach






Colorado Springs



What is the pricing structure?

Our prices begin at $100 per hour during chair massage business hours. We typically ask for a 2-hour minimum visit, but this can be revised for specific situations. Additionally, we can give discounts for large orders, repeat customers, or special situations. Please contact Samuel Nelson for more information.

What is chair massage?

Chair massage is an adapted form of massage that incorporates an ergonomically designed chair in order for individuals to rest comfortably.  The primary areas of target will be the neck and shoulder region, as well as the upper, mid, and lower back.  Depending on the length of the sessions, arms and/or hands might be incorporated into the experience.  The goal of each session is to revitalize, invigorate, release tension, and provide a sense of wellness in an efficient and time-friendly manner.  This art form works perfectly into corporate settings, meetings, conventions, health fairs, and party atmospheres.  Also, there is no removal of clothing, no messy oils, and can be enjoyed in as few as five to ten minutes.

Does my company need to provide anything for the therapist coming on-site?

No, our therapists are fully equipped and will be ready to begin within a few minutes of their arrival time.  The only thing they will need is a secluded, 5’x 6’ space in order to set up their chair and operate.

How do we handle payments?

Our therapists do not handle cash on-site for security and efficiency reasons.  We ask that a corporate check or credit card payment be submitted following each event.

Can chair massage sessions be booked for weekends and nights?

We can handle requests at any given time for nearly any occasion. At least a 24-hour notice is required to ensure therapists are available.

What are the minimum requirements and rates for events?

Typically, our visits run at least two to three hours in length, however, we can accommodate any request.  Rates for visits can vary based on the day of the week, the length of the session, the frequency of the visits, the quantity of therapists booked, and any number of factors.  The important thing to remember is that each program can be tailored to your needs.  Prices on an hourly rate will be adjusted up or down accordingly.  Please contact Samuel Nelson to discuss your needs.

Can I give this service as a gift to my clients?

Our services are often gifted to important clients as a way of giving a hand-on, unique, and healthy experience.  Our therapists can also incorporate your logos or marketing materials during their visit.  We also have gift certificates available for events in the future and for in-home massages.

How is my business protected from potential incidents involving accidents or injury?

Each therapist is required to carry individual liability insurance policies and is specifically trained in the art of chair massage.  Additionally, each therapist is licensed to practice massage in the state where they are operating.  Communication between each individual and the therapist is highly encouraged in order to make sensitive areas known.

Coronavirus cleaning and safety

Each therapist is required to be fully vaccinated.  Each therapist is required to clean between each individual chair massage. Each chair is clean and air dry for 2 minutes. Each therapist will wear a face mask.

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