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Wellness. Happiness. Relaxation.

Have you had your massage today? Massage on The Go offers in-office and on-site massages for businesses and individuals. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of massage treatments in-house and on-the-go. Our services include personal massages as well as business to business opportunities including seminars, health fairs, trade shows and more.  

MOTG Membership

Most Popular

Enjoy monthly on-site massages from the comfort of your home or hotel.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massages are long pressure strokes that apply heavy pressure to the belly of the muscles.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are long light strokes including kneeding, rythmic and tapping strokes. Good for relaxaction and soothing reconnection touch.

Chair Massage

Revitalize your senses and refresh your mind! 

About us

Our Mission is to relax clients through therapeutic on-site chair massage to improve workplace productivity.

Massage on the Go is owned and operated by Samuel B. Nelson. Our company offers experience and expertise in relaxing 
and rejuvenating chair massage. Workplace productivity increases as employees experience decreased stress and improved mood.

Chair massages are performed while the client is fully clothed. Massages are typically scheduled in 10-20 minute intervals so employees can get back to work quickly. However, the scheduling of massages can be customized to meet your needs. 


Plan a Visit

Massages are available in-office and on-location, while you are in the comfort of your own home, or away on business